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Top 5 Dads of classic NES videogames

When I became a father I looked for the best dad-role models to emulate. TV and film was full of moronic dumb dads who only showed me that dads were supposedly useless. So, instead, I looked to my favourite retro console for keen insight into the dadding mind. Here are the Top 5 Dads you'll find … Continue Reading ››

Nintendo Colour Matching Game – CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge

The ever-spectacular Ainslie from CleverPatch has just let me know that she had the same painting troubles with the pebbles!
Before painting, scrub the pebbles with steel wool in warm, soapy water to remove the stones' waxy layer. Then you should be fine!
Usually I'd be letting you know about this week's surprise item... but I … Continue Reading ››