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Mr Twit’s Beard Toddler Activity – Dad Craft for Roald Dahl Day

Tomorrow is Roald Dahl's birthday which has been officially retitled ROALD DAHL DAY!

And, like every Aussie child of the 80's, I grew up mesmerized by the magical worlds of his books. People tend to go on about Charlie & the Chocolate Factory or Matilda but the book that was my Dahl favourite was … Continue Reading ››

Mr Potato Head Magnetic Money Box: Toys for Toddlers – CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge

It's the final level, I'm facing the boss, and he's got heat seeking missiles to battle my pea-shooter. OR it's the final round, I'm Daniel LaRusso, and Johnny Kreese is staring at my damaged leg. Demos challenged my self-appointed-title of 'Dad-Craft Master' and here we are, ready to reveal our poker hands! Bring it on Dad … Continue Reading ››

Futurama Bender Scarecrow – CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge

It's been a big week of DIY Dad-crafting and I've been put through the proverbial ringer trying to figure out what to create. But it was worth it because - it's Futurama-time! CleverPatch threw me a serious curveball with this week's surprise item:

Bamboo Trellis (click here to … Continue Reading ››

Skylanders (Swap Force style) Head-Swap Toys: CleverPatch’s Weekly Dad Craft Challenge

So, it turns out that there were a few fans of my Dad Craft Week 2014. I was planning to put on Dad Craft Week 2015, but the craft-tastic team at CleverPatch had a different idea. They dared me. They dared me to do a dad-craft a week. Every week. And then they said, "Are you chicken, McFly?" One … Continue Reading ››

A Dad Gets Crafty with CleverPatch Christmas Presents – Day 4: TMNT Krang Cactus Brain Pot Plant

Today's dad nerd-craft may just be the grooviest one yet! I've got my excited undies on! (They're the same as my other undies but the wear and tear holes are in less dangly places). The CleverPatch ingredients I'm dad-testing today are - terracotta hanging pot (click here to view) … Continue Reading ››

A Dad Gets Crafty with CleverPatch Christmas Presents – Day 1: Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant

I've got the crafty bug! The wonderful arty peeps at CleverPatch sent me a box full of craft goodies to try out and review. In case you haven't heard, CleverPatch is a MASSIVE online craft and art store which, very importantly, is 100% AUSTRALIAN OWNED! … Continue Reading ››

Funko Pop! inspired 80’s cartoon puppets: He-Man & Thundercats – Toddler Activities for Dads

I just read this great article on craftingconnections.net about the importance of storytelling and kids development (click here to read it). It's time for me to put away the repetition-induced-brain-melting books, and start making up stories that are completely ours. But how do you do it? Just … Continue Reading ››