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Whatchu’ Talkin’ Bout?: Literally Speaking

As previously mentioned, my three kids have all got mouths on them that can still talk whilst full of marbles in a pool of cement (I haven’t actually tried this, but there is still time). Even sitting through movies or TV shows that they love, you will hear constant mutterings of usually totally unrelated stuff to … Continue Reading ››

Happy Birthday to all Awesome Dads: Big Kid Little Kid turns 1!

How did that happen? We've been invading your personal lives for a whole year!

Today marks the first anniversary of the launch of the Big Kid Little Kid blog.

It has been one helluva year and one huge learning curve for the Awesome Dad Bloggers; I had never even read a blog come March of … Continue Reading ››

Whatchu’ Talkin’ Bout?: Awareness (or lack of)

As parents, one of the main duties is to ensure our little dudes and dudettes are aware of the world around them; the beauty, the dangers and all the tricky bits in between (as if I’m an expert!). As soon as they’re old enough to start crawling around, touching and usually breaking everything in sight, … Continue Reading ››