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Back To The Future Part 2 DeLorean cake

Against all good judgement, Phenom-A-Mum and I threw a Back To The Future theme birthday party for Little E, our recently turned three year-old. That's right! We threw him a party but totally stole the whole thing to celebrate the awesomely nerdy fact that October 21st 2015 was THE DAY that Marty & Doc arrived … Continue Reading ››

Dad VS That Sugar Film – How I Will Be Cheating as I Quit Sugar

Thanks to the likes of Damon Gameau, with his That Sugar Film, and Sarah Wilson's money-making extravaganza, I Quit Sugar, everyone is riding a float in the totally anti-sugar parade. And so am I it would seem, what with the fact that I and a group of other Awesome Food Fighters will begin quitting our … Continue Reading ››

Dad Vs That Sugar Film – Want To Give Up Sugar With Me?

A while ago I had the pleasure of filming a couple of segments for the hugely popular That Sugar Film.  In particular, I filmed the experts delivering their medical findings to Damon Gameau and revealing what had happened to his body in the few months that he had been eating less sugar than I do (a lot … Continue Reading ››

Melty Hama Bead Rainbow Bowl and Colour Sorting (sort-of) Activity – CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge

There are things I've done on this blog that I'm proud of. And then there's this week's dad-craft. CleverPatch challenged me to do something amazing with:

Iron-Me Beads & Pegboard (click here to check out the Beads and click Continue Reading ››