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Mr Potato Head Magnetic Money Box: Toys for Toddlers – CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge

It's the final level, I'm facing the boss, and he's got heat seeking missiles to battle my pea-shooter. OR it's the final round, I'm Daniel LaRusso, and Johnny Kreese is staring at my damaged leg. Demos challenged my self-appointed-title of 'Dad-Craft Master' and here we are, ready to reveal our poker hands! Bring it on Dad … Continue Reading ››

X-Men Magneto Glove: magic magentic fun for a tiny hand – Toddler Activities for Dads

I've been excitedly inspired for this week's activity by the amazing range of magnetic discovery ideas here on www.racheous.com (click to visit the page). Paperclips, bits of pipe cleaner, assorted metal items and some magnets. But, as always... NOT DAD ENOUGH! I've worked out how to turn … Continue Reading ››