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Futurama Bender Scarecrow – CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge

It's been a big week of DIY Dad-crafting and I've been put through the proverbial ringer trying to figure out what to create. But it was worth it because - it's Futurama-time! CleverPatch threw me a serious curveball with this week's surprise item:

Bamboo Trellis (click here to … Continue Reading ››

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Christmas Tree: AKA. Ghostbuster-izing your xmas

You know when something starts out as a great idea? I lay all of the blame on Alex from the brilliant www.dadrites.com, when he posted this imagination inspiring photo. dadtites_Snowman A freakin' Snowman-costumed christmas tree! That's awesome-tacular! Alex is so … Continue Reading ››

Funko Pop! inspired 80’s cartoon puppets: He-Man & Thundercats – Toddler Activities for Dads

I just read this great article on craftingconnections.net about the importance of storytelling and kids development (click here to read it). It's time for me to put away the repetition-induced-brain-melting books, and start making up stories that are completely ours. But how do you do it? Just … Continue Reading ››