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A Dad Gets Crafty with CleverPatch Christmas Presents – Day 1: Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant

I've got the crafty bug! The wonderful arty peeps at CleverPatch sent me a box full of craft goodies to try out and review. In case you haven't heard, CleverPatch is a MASSIVE online craft and art store which, very importantly, is 100% AUSTRALIAN OWNED! … Continue Reading ››

The Dad, the kids’ birthday party and the potential for disaster – The Aftermath

(You can read D-Day by clicking here) From what Phenom-A-Mum tells me,  we had a party at our house yesterday. A party for a two-year old. I may have blacked out. All I can remember is: I was the Party-Food-GOD. Granted, it … Continue Reading ››

The Dad, the kids’ birthday party and the potential for disaster – Day Seven

(You can read Day Six by clicking here) I'm out of time! Tomorrow is D-Day! My personal x-factor-style judging panel (Phenom-A-Mum) will be arriving tomorrow at 2pm promptly. She'll decide whether I get a thumbs up for awesomeness, or a thumbs … Continue Reading ››

X-Men Magneto Glove: magic magentic fun for a tiny hand – Toddler Activities for Dads

I've been excitedly inspired for this week's activity by the amazing range of magnetic discovery ideas here on www.racheous.com (click to visit the page). Paperclips, bits of pipe cleaner, assorted metal items and some magnets. But, as always... NOT DAD ENOUGH! I've worked out how to turn … Continue Reading ››

Funko Pop! inspired 80’s cartoon puppets: He-Man & Thundercats – Toddler Activities for Dads

I just read this great article on craftingconnections.net about the importance of storytelling and kids development (click here to read it). It's time for me to put away the repetition-induced-brain-melting books, and start making up stories that are completely ours. But how do you do it? Just … Continue Reading ››