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Myer Giftorium 2015 Review: Dad in a shop

So it turns out that it's nearly Christmas already. How the hell did that happen? I blinked for a moment at Easter and the whole bloomin' year has evaporated! Honestly, I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for a lovely invite that the family and I received, to head on into the big smoke and … Continue Reading ››

Join The Star Wars Rebellion: Myer Melbourne 2 & 3 May – Dad Day Out

ATTENTION ALL DADS! We've sorted Mothers Day for you (and for you).

Get ready for the best Mothers Day present you could give your lady. Tell her that you'll take the kids for a couple of hours this weekend, so that she can have some quiet relaxation time. Hell, go all out and buy her a … Continue Reading ››

A Dad Gets Crafty with CleverPatch Christmas Presents – Day 3: Star Wars Jawa tea light holder

Welcome to not-really-hump day! The big difference this week is that there is no hump, just an ever inclining scale of crafty AWESOME! (You can check out Day 2: Star Trek Communicator mobile phone holder by clicking here) Today's CleverPatch ingredients … Continue Reading ››