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Top 10 Dads of 1980’s cartoons

I'm sure that I'm not the only dad out there who is a child of the 80's, and that means that we all grew up gorging on a cavalcade of really weird cartoons. But look past the robots, barbarians and half elephant-half bumblebee freakazoids and you'll find, at the core of so many of these cartoons, a … Continue Reading ››

A Dad Gets Crafty with CleverPatch Christmas Presents – Day 4: TMNT Krang Cactus Brain Pot Plant

Today's dad nerd-craft may just be the grooviest one yet! I've got my excited undies on! (They're the same as my other undies but the wear and tear holes are in less dangly places). The CleverPatch ingredients I'm dad-testing today are - terracotta hanging pot (click here to view) … Continue Reading ››

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids (But Really For Dads) – 2014

Every dad wants to get the best present possible for their kids, right? WRONG! Secretly, all dads want the kids' presents to be just as much fun for the adults as they are for the munchkins. Mums buy educational toys or new clothes (yawn). Whereas dads are just kids who got big. We understand what fun … Continue Reading ››

Ten Pin Blowing – Toddler Activities for Dads

Discover the coolest version of Bowling to be accidentally discovered by a sneeze! A handful of tiny figures and some deep breaths are all you need for a simple and fun indoors rainy-day game. Well, maybe throw in some tic-tacs to ensure a bad breath free play field!

TMNT Mutagen Sensory Box – Toddler Activities for Dads

I had a blast with last week's 8-bit icon stamps, and so did Little E. Nerd-ing it up made it awesome fun for both of us. The net is filled with mum-style ideas for kids, but it's a little sparse on anything that will excite Dads too. So here's my answer to the question you never … Continue Reading ››