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Guide for New Dads: The Good & Bad Bits That No One Ever Warns You About

With the birth of our second mini-munchkin, a wonderfully innocent (read: no kids) friend has asked me to share some parental secrets to get them ready for their first baby. With bravado I stupidly said "Ask away and I'll write blog posts in answer". Here's the first insight in our ongoing Guide for New Dads.

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Top 4 Lessons The Legend of Zelda Taught Me About Being A Dad

As a serious addict of the original Nintendo console, there is one game that changed my world as a kid; The Legend Of Zelda. It is still my favourite game of all time but now, as a father, I've realised that it is still giving to me. Here are the Top 4 Lessons that I've learned … Continue Reading ››

Top 5 Dads of classic NES videogames

When I became a father I looked for the best dad-role models to emulate. TV and film was full of moronic dumb dads who only showed me that dads were supposedly useless. So, instead, I looked to my favourite retro console for keen insight into the dadding mind. Here are the Top 5 Dads you'll find … Continue Reading ››

Top 5 Reasons Dads Should Go To The Royal Melbourne Show – Dad Day Out: Melbourne

It's that time of year again down here in almost-sunny Victoria... the Royal Melbourne Show! Everybody down here already knows what it is, and that it's a family event. So instead of reviewing it, I thought that I would list the top 5 reasons why Dads should go.

5. Empty-your-stomach-thrill-rides

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